2018 Student Leadership Board

Student led. Staff mentored. Donor-funded.

The Leadership Board (L-Board) of Hillel at FSU is composed of students who represent a broad range of backgrounds and practices. The mission is to enrich the lives of students by listening to the needs and responding to the interests of Jewish students at FSU. During the Fall and Spring, the L-Board meets once a week. Why not attend a meeting and contribute your thoughts? You’ll also get an idea of just how student-directed and student-lead Hillel at FSU is! Be a part of shaping Jewish life at FSU. Elections to the Board are held every November. The L-Board term lasts a calendar year from January to December.

Hannah Cooperman

Social (Community Building) Chair

JT Haslett

Special Projects Coordinator

Carly Robinett

Community Service Chair

Eliana Karr

Eliana Karr

Israel Relations Chair

Ranata Goodman

Religious (Jewish Celebrations) Chair

Jason Randall


Charlie Newfeld


Robyn Kast

Vice President

Lara Tessler


PAST EVENT - Jewish Student Leadership Day 2017

Hillel at FSU is pleased to present Jewish Student Leadership Day. The event designed to give participants an introduction to leadership on campus with a Hillel twist. The purpose is to provide students with the tools to get to know one another, learn about different campus opportunities, and to be exemplary leaders in our community. 

By participating in this energetic and dynamic event, participants will gain critical skills that will help them create positive, sustainable leadership in a wide array of organizations at Florida State University, and the Tallahassee community – both Jewish and non-Jewish. You will also have the opportunity to meet like-minded freshmen, sophomores, and prominent student leaders and staff of both Hillel at FSU and campus leaders- who facilitate this event.