Day 1 by Andrew Gordon

By May 15, 2014Birthright

We are driving alongside the lowest point on the face of the earth, the Dead Sea. The water is so calm, so peaceful, so still, just like the desert that surrounds it. We hiked so far up Mount Masada, and now we are descending to the lowest point in the world. Eight days have passed since we departed from the States, only eight, but it doesn’t feel that way. All the places we’ve encountered, all the sights we have seen have imprinted our minds forever. Together we have experienced the unimaginable, and together we will continue our journey. Here’s our stop, the Dead Sea. Cant wait to float. Can’t wait for my cuts to burn. Can’t wait to feel the lukewarm water. Can’t wait to get back on the bus to drive off into the desert. Can’t wait to see the rest of Israel.

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