Day 1 by Galen Levy

By May 7, 2014Birthright

Well, we are all sitting in the airport in front of the gates of El Al! The group is in that “I don’t know you people, this is awkward” phase and everyone is making small talk. But by the end of the trip, I know we will be like family! Meanwhile, the Hebrew on the express check in line is making this whole Israel thing a little more real. Although I’ve been to Israel before, the jittery feeling is still there! I’m excited to return to the homeland with a whole new group of people! We have two hours to kill before boarding in the airport, I hope the time goes fast. I’m really hoping I sleep the whole plane ride because we have a huge day ahead of us. Well, we are heading through security now, so begins the Taglit Birthright Trip of Bus 1145!

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