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By May 14, 2014Birthright

I’m dreading the goodbyes that will inevitably come too soon for me to understand. These days have been incredible. From the religious experiences to the friendships and the jokes I don’t know when I’ll have these feelings again. Going to Masada had new meaning this time for me. I truly felt the story of it all. It’s one of the most incredible stories for me and I’m upset they have already made a movie. I might try and make a better one. The Dead Sea was again a blast. We got the chance to rub each other with mud and tell jokes and talk about my father’s urology practice. (if this is used for something else you can take out that last line). I love how open we have all come to be with each other. Sleeping out in the Bedouin tents really solidified that. I feel as if I can’t leave this place and a huge part of that is because of the soldiers. Mor has become an incredible friend of mine (same with Yuval, Nev, Ortal, Bar and Amit (and Johnny towards the end)). Mor has promised her little sister to me and says she will not let her marry or date anyone until I come back. On one hand I really like that idea (and perhaps David will marry her 3rd sister and we will be brother in laws which would be cool) and on the other hand that’s really weird. It’s incredible that Mor and I have become so close that she would promise her sister to me. That means a lot. I feel bad for her sister though who will have Mor come to her and just say “You can’t date anyone because I met this kid for four days and he might come back to Israel one day to marry you. Just wait it out.” Part of me hope it does come to happen. That’s the power of this incredible experience: birthright.

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