Day 1 by Mark Fridman

By May 6, 2014Birthright

Shwarma. Falafel. Camel. Dead Sea. Although its only our first day of birthright and we’ve only dipped our feet into the magic of Israel, we can already feel our connection to our homeland forming. Our group has so far been a part of one of the most important days in the isreali year: Independence Day. As we stood for our moment of silence emotion rushed through our Jewish blood; the connection to the soldiers who lost their lives for our homeland was stronger than ever. We continued to discuss the lifestyle differences between back home and here until our stomachs rumbled and our attention was lost; lunch was a necessity. The group split up to the shwarma/falafel crew, the coffe shop gang, and the cream fiends; after finally being satisfied we were finally ready to go to the Mediterranean coast. Right at the Lebanon border, a mix of politics, nature and history flowed through the air. As we strolled thought the natural grottos our minds were at ease, the waves spoke to us: FSJews, you’re home.

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