Israel Bus 1145 – Day 10 by Taylor Barros

By May 14, 2014Birthright

Ten days, 35 people. That’s all it took to fall in love with a country I new so little about. I was apprehensive that this trip wouldn’t affect me. I didn’t want to remain emotionally detached from the country my ancestors fought long and hard for. Today I write this blog entry as a new person. A culmination of experiences and conversations with my new family have molded me into a more appreciative and knowledgable individual. It could have been the moment of silence we shared with the State of Israel on memorial day. It might have been the conversation I shared walking through the streets of Jerusalem with Rachel on the Sabbath. Or the intimate conversation 35 people were able to share in the desert. I cant put my finger on what exact moment changed me but I know one thing for sure…if it wasn’t for these crazy, annoying, beautiful, loving people and one amazing place I wouldn’t be able to call Israel my second home.

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