Day 9 by Shi Kremer

By May 14, 2014Birthright

We all arrived in Ashkelon at our hotel last night after saying goodbye to our wonderful Israeli soldiers and after visiting the border of the Gaza Strip. Ashkelon is beautiful! This morning after eating an amazing buffet breakfast at our hotel we walked down to the gorgeous Mediterranean sea and some of us went swimming, and some of us tanned. It was a great break for all of us to just hang out at the beach in Israel! Today is our last day here together. It Is definitely bitter sweet. I think that a lot of us are very excited to go home and get some actual sleep. At the same time all of us are really sad that we will be leaving each other.
Last night at our discussion a theme that kept coming up was how we all had gotten so close so fast. I never thought it would happen this quickly but I feel so connected to everyone. I read a quote once that said that people who suffer the most are able to respect life more and are able to find more fulfillment within their lives. I think this relates to us as Jews. We all come from a people that historically have suffered so much. I think this, combined with how little Jews their are in the world is what gives us a different mind set than other people. We are able to connect so quickly because when we are together we feel like one strong cohesive unit. Because of the strength of this group and this experience I no loner feel like I let people down by being Jewish. On a more humorous note, I think that we may be the weirdest group of Jewish students ever. We all seem to have the same freaky sense of humor.
Right now we are on the bus headed to Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Like I said before, it’s our last day together and I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye just yet.

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