May 12-Lindsay Levine

By May 14, 2015Birthright 2015

Looking for a way to test your ability? Spend your whole life in a completely flat state and then travel to a foreign land to do some real hiking. Leon Sinks might have some deep and dangerous holes, but they’re nothing compared to the high and deadly cliffs of___Zevitan_. My life before this trip could barely be called an active one. Sports have never been my strong suit and unlike some people exercise doesn’t make me feel like my sanity is in check, it makes me feel like I’m going to die. Needless to say, all of that combined with my awful fear of heights made hiking something I was not looking forward to.

I can’t lie–I struggled. I struggled immensely. There were quite a few times when I needed someone to lend me a hand going up and down and ended up holding back everyone behind me. But it was all totally worth it. As someone who likes to think of the,self as relatively independent requiring the help of someone else for something almost everyone else was doing on their own was vaguely humiliating. Still, the end result was so worth it. Thanks to this if I get nothing else out of this trip, I’ll get the confirmation that facing your fears will always be worth the risk. I’ll have learned that my limits can be pushed to the edge and they won’t break, they’ll expand. I can sweat every drop of water out of my body and at the end there will be a freezing cold lake waiting for me to jump in.

Things might be hard for a while, but in the end there will be a world of things to learn about myself and isn’t that what this trip is all about?


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