May 12-Jacqueline Stein

By May 14, 2015Birthright 2015

Jacqueline Stein
The day began with a hiking trip. The beginning of the hike consisted of walking down a rocky road scattered with purple flowers and friendly cows. The hike eventually took a vertical turn as our tour guide lead us through a winding trail which required concentration, determination, and even a ladder at one point. The final destination was a waterfall surrounded by pink flowers- an extremely rewarding sight. The waterfall flowed into a body of water with fish and a hidden cave.

Next, we went to a restaurant run by the dru people in order to eat their legendary falafel. They served chilled lemonade, coke, and water. The falafel was freshly cooked in a grill and was the best. We also got coffee and baklava .. And heart lollipops.

Next, we visited the Syrian border to Israel- which happens to have a fruit/popsicle stand. Our tour guide, Doron, who is characterized by his vast knowledge, kindness, and comedic timing, provided insight into the conflict between Israelis and Syrians. Although we have this information readily available in the United States, the information resonates more when relayed by an Israeli while overlooking the area of the actual conflict. The conflict also felt more relatable because we had recently been joined by Israelis our age who were serving in the Israeli defense force.

Lastly, we went rafting down the Jordan river. Locals sat on the sidelines listening to music, eating, smoking hookah, and waving. Our raft struggled to stay straight which caused us to run into trees. It was very funny. It was interesting to experience the modern culture of this ancient and famous body of water.

At the end of this day filled with activity, we still found time to socialize back at the hotel. Today was great.

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