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Carly hellstrom

Yesterday, we left our home away from home in Jerusalem. After checking out of the hotel, we got back on the road to our next destination. As the bus pulled up to Mt. Herzl, a sense of devastation and pride overwhelmed me. A cemetery for the ones that served their country, the heroes. Doron, our tour guide, enlightened us with his fuming knowledge about Israel’s history. We were silent and still. With heavy hearts, we heard stories of the soldiers that fought to defend the holy land. It was amazing.

After Mt. Herzl, we got back on the bus to head to the Ron Schemer Greenhouse. To make a long story short, team aquaponic (Rachel, Dor, Samantha, Dana, Adam, AJ, Aylon and myself) won the presentation competition. There was no voting, but we won. 🙂 I did learn, “no alge, no life!”

With a packed schedule, we had a time to take it all in when we went to the Arbel Cliffs that overlooked the Sea of Galilee. It was breathtaking. With a little rain, we were lucky enough to see a rainbow.

Then we arrived to the Kibutz. I was so excited to room with one of our Israeli soldiers, Romi. I have the upmost respect for her strength. It’s hard to grasp that I would’ve already served four years in the army if I was an Israeli citizen. She is amazing.

After dinner, we met in a bomb shelter underground. We were given the choice to pick between culture, people, religion or none of the above when asked “what Judaism is.” Although passion was shown throughout, I agreed with the group that said “Judaism is personal.” It’s hard to define, when in fact, it’s undefinable because its different for everyone.

Later that night, we enjoyed time together in the front lawn of the Kibutz. Singing and laughing, we have all become a family.

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