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Lindsay at the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem

Lindsay at the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem


If you need a workout, come to Jerusalem. Tallahassee might be one big hill, but Jerusalem is one big Stair Master. After just one day you’ll definitely have better calves than you came to Israel with. Just remember to bring your sunscreen because the sun is a force to be reckoned with here in the desert. Of course on that note, remember to make sure your long skirts are light. You won’t win the fight against the sun if you don’t remember it when you’re choosing your clothes for those times when you need more conservative garb.

Speaking of conservative clothing you will certainly need it for the western wall. As a place many people to go pray at everyday it is important to be respectful. Standing there is a surreal experience. Thousands of miles away the wall doesn’t seem like much–it’s a wall, what’s so great about it? But when you’re there and you learn about all the history behind it from an up close and personal perspective it honestly does hit you how important it is to us Jews.

When it comes to the markets, be prepared to spend a little money. The food may not be that expensive if you’re only getting one or two things, but with so many delicious things around it takes some extraordinary willpower to stick to any sort of budget. You’ll want to try everything and let’s be real–this is a vacation. You should try everything you want to try! Also be prepared to do some pushing. The crowds are big and manners tend to go out the window when people are going after delicious food.

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