Ask Big Questions

Ask Big Questions is a national project originated by Hillel and in partnership with the FSU Spiritual Life Project. The goal of the initiative is to provide a space for college students to address ‘big’ questions that supersede socioeconomic class, religious background, sexual orientation, race, and gender. There are usually two to three questions through a semester. To kick off Seminole Sensation Week on Thursday, August 23, we’ll as:  “How do we connect?”ABQ1

We invite you to engage in dialogue around big questions inherent in life. As we transition to a new school year, a new community, a new home; we hope to challenge, think, and engage in how we connect as a community. Join the Spiritual Life Project and the Interfaith Council for conversation. RSVP is and we request that you stay for entire dialogue program.

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Location: Dunlap Success Center 2201/2202


Refreshments will be served.