How 'bout some hospitality with sips and chips for everyone. Or have a some hot chili and cold beer?

Come by Hillel on game day in the two hours prior to kick-off to enjoy some hospitality, a comlimentary cold drink and a stroll down memory lane. We’re tailgating again this year and would love to have you join us. And, it’s the only place you can pick up your “Go Noles” in Hebrew lanyard.

We’re ‘welcoming the stranger’ and old friends starting two hours before kick-off on home game days. We can’t provide parking, but we can provide bathrooms and some fun before the game begins.

The September 16th game again Miami should be great. Watch for more details!

Check the home schedule for last minute changes. 

If you’d like some hot chili and a cold beer (actually two), make a donation of “chai” by clicking the donate button. You can bring your receipt (we’ll have a list, as well). You’re also welcome to drop a gift in the tzedakha box.

2017 Florida State Seminoles Home Football Schedule
2017 Football schedule