Show your support for Jewish life at Florida State. Every gift counts. Designate your gift by selecting one or more of these areas:

  • $360, sponsors a Bagel brunch
  • $360, sponsors a Shabbat dinner
  • $180, underwrites a Jewish Council
  • $180, adds to Mitzvah Corps
    project funds
  • $100, sponsors a student leadership
    conference stipend
  • $100, sponsors a home-game tailgate
  • $  50, supplies the Nosh Kitchen
    for a month
  • $  45, buys computer paper and ink
  • $36, sponsors a Shabbat meal card
    (13 dinners)
  • r  $20 per student sponsors
    Rosh HaShanah

Leave your mark on Jewish life at FSU by purchasing a brick at the front entrance to HillelRon Krudo with brick


Use this button to order yours. We’ll be in touch to get details on the inscription.

Our new building still has many needs and naming opportunities. Consider underwriting one of these options:

Building Naming Gifts

Co-Name Jewish Student Center                                     $400,000

Name Hillel Building at FSU                                              $550,000


Dedicated Rooms and Areas


Balcony— second floor       $18,000

Admin Offices (2)       $25,000

Conference Room/Library—
second floor PARTIAL RESERVE.       $36,000

second floor       $72,000


Interior Furnishings

Mezuzah Dedication (4) $1,800

Balcony Furnishings RESERVED $5,000

Donor Wall—RESERVED Tree of Life $7,200


Jerusalem Stone detailing       $15,000


Technology RESERVED      $25,000


Torah restoration $25,000

Additional Torah $36,000

Engagement and Program Fund

Shabbat Heritage Fund $1,800/unit      36 units available

Passover Heritage Fund $1,800/unit

54 units available

Peer-network Intern Program            $100,000 or

$20,000/year for five years

Israel Engagement Fund                    $100,000 or

$20,000/year for five years

Tzedek and Mitzvah Corps Fund       $100,000 or

$20,000/year for five years

Leadership Development Fund         $100,000 or

$20,000/year for five years

High Holy Days Fund                          $100,000 or

$20,000/year for five years