Summertime and things are heating up

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We are always sad when the spring semester ends and everyone scatters to the winds for summer. Yes, I know some of you will be here for summer — and that’s perfect. For everyone else, safe travels, see you in September and don’t miss us too much. Here’s what we’ll be up to.

May 7th is the national bon-fire day in Israel and the Jewish world. It is the 33rd day in counting the Omer, a traditionally sad time of year with a wonderful interlude on the 33rd day. If you’ve been in Israel, you think the sky is on fire. Children (and adults) have been collecting wood — which is scarce–for this once a year bon-fire event. If you’ve never experienced or aren’t sure what it is all about visit this link to learn more.

May 17th is Yom Yerushalim – Jerusalem Day – it’s a relatively new celebration in the Jewish calendar and might make some politically oriented folks uncomfortable. This 3,000 year old city that sits at the heart of some may religious crossroads is worth celebrating and learning more about. Check out this link.¬†It is an evolving holiday which shows how Judaism and Jewish culture grows and evolves. If you find it too hot to go outside, take a moment to read some poems by Yehuda Amichai about Jerusalem.

May 23rd Shabbat Shalom and Shavuot Sameach. Join us for a lovely, cheesy shabbat service and pot luck dinner to celebrate¬†matan Torah – the giving of the law. This is one of the great festivals and typically involves doing some learning, so join us and learn. If you can’t make it here check out this podcast from Pardes in Jerusalem.

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