Welcome Parents!

We want to officially welcome you, your family, and your student to the FSU community!

We know that it can be nerve-wracking, exciting and truthfully full of emotion as you send your student to college. FSU Hillel is here to support your student in any way that we can. 

How to Get Involved:
  • PARENTS FACEBOOK GROUP: We welcome you to join our private parents-only Facebook group – just search for “FSU Parents of Jewish Seminoles” on Facebook, answer the brief membership questions, and request to be added!
  • FOR YOUR STUDENT: Follow us on Instagram – that’s our primary way of communicating with the student population.
  • MATZO BALL SOUP: During the school year, our Matzo Ball Soup Express program is open. This is a great way for you to send a little Jewish TLC from afar, especially if your student is under the weather.
  • FAMILY CIRCLE: Our Family Circle community will play a vital role in providing a transformative Jewish community for their child and all Jewish students at FSU. The greater your support, the more experiences we are able to provide.

Learn More About Family Circle:

Frequently Asked Questions:

With additional questions, please contact bpelc@fsuhillel.org.

The graphic describes the giving levels along the top row and the checked circles below each level correspond to incentives described on the left.  In the first line, the number in the circle corresponds to the number of care packages (either one or two.) 

Your gift supports Hillel at FSU’s general operations budget.  This flexibility allows the staff to adapt to student needs and programing opportunities.  If a family wants to make a donation with spending restrictions (i.e. with a specific spending focus), please contact Jesse Feld, Executive Director, jfeld@fsuhillel.org to make additional arrangements.

All Family Circle donations cover a full year. Payments can be made in single, multiple or monthly submissions.

We are not currently customizing any of the Family Circle giving levels.  If there are incentives listed that you don’t care to receive, add that information in your donation form and we will honor the change as an additional contribution to FSU Hillel. 

Incentives will be coordinated for student pick up at Hillel (834 St Augustine St) within the same semester that families join the Family Circle program.  However, we can/will schedule incentives such as birthday packs, 2nd care packages and Shabbat sponsorships to meet the needs of the donating family. This can occur within the semester of donation or the following, on a case by case basis.

While Family Circle donations support our program for a full year, incentives can be fulfilled within the semester of donation and before graduation.  If there are special circumstances around student calendars, our staff can coordinate with families and/or make special arrangements for delivery off campus on a case by case basis.

Family Circle donations are intended to support FSU Hillel on behalf of the entire family.  If the donating family wants to split the incentives among more than one student, please make a note of that in the donation form and staff will accommodate as best as possible.  Additional incentives or changes to the incentive offerings are not available at this time.

To be most efficient, staff and students will be assembling and distributing care packages during a 1-2 week window at about the mid-point of the semester.  Staff will coordinate with students receiving a care package on pick up dates and times.

Families will be able to select a shabbat that fits a simcha in their lives or a theme (pre-determined by our student ritual committee) either during the semester of donation or the following semester.  Staff will be in touch with families and share great photos from the evening if you cannot make it. 

Care packages will follow the themes shown in the program materials, but specific item availability cannot be guaranteed. FSU Hillel will try to match care packages as exactly as possible and any items that differ will be of similar value and purpose (i.e. style of throw blanket may differ). 

Please note: all care packages come with a personalized greeting or message from family! Please use the field in the donation form to complete a special message to your student and a note will be printed and attached to the care package.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

"Through Hillel, I have rediscovered my love for the culture and religion that I was raised in. My involvement has allowed me to host my closest friends for Jewish holidays. When I first started at FSU, I was overwhelmed and struggled to continue my judaic practices, especially being in the dorms.By attending Hillel events during holidays and even just between classes, it has allowed me to spend time with other students just like me."
Courtney Reiff
Student Leader