Matzoh Ball Soup Express

In college, there’s nothing worse than being sick and not having your family there to take care of you. We are so happy to be able to re-launch our matzo ball soup program thanks to the generous donations of a group of parents in Fall 2021!

If you have a sick ‘Nole who lives within a mile of FSU’s main campus, send them a bit of Jewish TLC by ordering matzo ball soup from FSU Hillel at Please note that we are not a restaurant and have limited capacity to prepare and deliver matzo ball soup each week. When we reach capacity, we will close the form for the week. If you see the form is closed, check back the following Monday.

Despite the limits of this program, if any student on campus is food-insecure and in need, FSU Hillel is here for them. If you know of a food-insecure student – Jewish or otherwise – who needs assistance, please reach out to us at FSU’s Food for Thought Pantry ( is another wonderful resource available to students.

If you identify as the Parent of a Jewish Seminole, we also welcome you to join our FaceBook group for Parents of Jewish ‘Noles.