Welcome Parents!

We want to officially welcome you, your family, and your student to the FSU community! We know that it can be nerve-wracking, exciting and truthfully full of emotion as you send your student to college. FSU Hillel is here to support your student in any way that we can. 

How to Get Involved:

  • PARENTS FACEBOOK GROUP: We welcome you to join our private parents-only Facebook group – just search for “FSU Parents of Jewish Seminoles” on Facebook, answer the brief membership questions, and request to be added!
  • FOR YOUR STUDENT: Follow us on Instagram – that’s our primary way of communicating with the student population.
  • MATZO BALL SOUP: During the school year, our Matzo Ball Soup Express program is open. This is a great way for you to send a little Jewish TLC from afar, especially if your student is under the weather.
  • COMING SOON: Our Family Circle community will play a vital role in providing a transformative Jewish community for their child and all Jewish students at FSU. The greater your support, the more experiences we are able to provide.
"Through Hillel, I have rediscovered my love for the culture and religion that I was raised in. My involvement has allowed me to host my closest friends for Jewish holidays. When I first started at FSU, I was overwhelmed and struggled to continue my judaic practices, especially being in the dorms.By attending Hillel events during holidays and even just between classes, it has allowed me to spend time with other students just like me."
Courtney Reiff
Student Leader