Support FSU Hillel During Hillel Global Giving Week


We are well underway of our third annual Hillel Global Giving Week. We are closing in on our $10,000 goal and we couldn’t do it without you.

After an incredible year of serving 300+ students each holiday and a FULL FSU Birthright Israel bus leaving early next week, we are looking for your support – whether you are able to make a gift or share with your networks. To see our donor roll and to make a gift, visit Thank you.

Since 2018, FSU Hillel has seen tremendous growth. During our pre-pandemic era, we would have never imagined the growth we have seen during the most challenging two years that were filled with remote programs and the void of not gathering together in Tallahassee. From then, our students have shined a light on the need for a thriving Hillel. With this incredible momentum comes an increase in the number of students we serve and our offerings to them. FSU Hillel has found our specialty in building micro-communities amongst Jewish students and discovering ways to make Judaism accessible to all.  

Make a gift today during Hillel Global Giving Week and it will go 2x as far!

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